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Be inspired by the stories of our persecuted family, and share the stories with your friends.

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患难者之声系列分享: 撒拉的故事


Chinese, Simplified

Share Their Voice: Richard's Story

This is the story of how one man's faithfulness and suffering led to a worldwide network of support for persecuted Christians.


Share Their Voice: Hannelie's Story

When Hannelie and her family left their comfortable home in South Africa to serve on the front lines in Afghanistan, they knew the risks. But they wouldn't deny God's call.


Share Their Voice: Suta's Story

See how Suta's obedience to God, in returning to the village that Hindu activists had ordered him to leave, changes not only his life but the man who hated him.


Share Their Voice: Liena's Story

As Liena prayed, she offered God her life in order to be His witness in war-torn Syria. But she sensed God asking for more than her own life. Could she make that commitment?


Share Their Voice: Victoria's Story

As Victoria and fellow believers at the Deeper Life Church in Gombe, Nigeria, prayed together for the persecuted church, they couldn't imagine how soon they would become persecuted themselves.


Share Their Voice: Bounchan's Story

Respected as a communist soldier. Rejected as a follower of Jesus Christ. Imprisoned for Christ for more than a decade.


Share Their Voice: Padina's Story

Padina was determined to kill herself. She planned to honor embarrassing Jesus Christ. She was the perfect Muslim, but soon Muslims would want to kill her.


Share Their Voice: Salavat's Story

Salavat knows what it's like to spend time in prison for his faith. He also knows how his family suffered. Now he thinks he may be sent back to prison.


Share Their Voice: Shafia's Story

Shafia's kidnapping nightmare ended when she found the door to her crude prison unlocked. But as one nightmare ended another began.



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