English Books

Communist Exploitation of Religion
Communist Exploitation of Religion, is the 103 page testimony of Richard Wurmbrand before the United States Congress.
Format: English | Book
Extreme Devotion
Extreme Devotion, is 316 page daily devotional book sharing stories of persecuted Christians around the world along with devotionals based on each person's life.
Format: English | Book
Forbidden Sunday School
Forbidden Sunday School, by Karen Moret, is 34 page short story about what it was like to be a Christian child during the Soviet Union.
Format: English | Book
From the Lips of Children
From the Lips of Children, by Richard Wurmbrand, is a 175 page illustrated book sharing children's views of God and the lessons we can learn from them.
Format: English | Book
From Torture to Triumph
From Torture to Triumph, by Richard Wurmbrand, is a 161 page book about Pastor Wurmbrand's imprisonment, exile and his view of God's transforming power in the midst of tragedy and heartbreak.
Format: English | Book
God's Missiles Over Cuba
God's Missiles Over Cuba, by Tom White, is a 225 page book about being imprisoned for seventeen months after his plane crashed while dropping Christian leaflets over Cuba.
Format: English | Book
He Lived Among Us
He Lived Among Us, by Pierre Thivollier, is a 128 page illustrated book that presents various New Testament Bible stories in comic book format.
Format: English | Book - Graphic Novel
Hearts of Fire
Hearts Of Fire, is a 304 page book of stories of courageous women from around the world who defied their circumstances and sought their God.
Format: English | Book
Heroic Faith
Heroic Faith is a 155 page book using powerful stories of illustration to share eight qualities necessary for having heroic faith.
Format: English | Book
I Found God in Soviet Russia
I Found God in Soviet Russia, by John Noble, is a 192 page book telling the story of a man who spent ten years imprisoned for his faith.
Format: English | Book