With Jesus Through the Darkness
With Jesus Through the Darkness, by Mitko Matheeff, is a 98 page book about living as a Christian in Bulgaria.
Format: German | Book
Women of Faith
Women of Faith, is a 304 page book telling stories of courageous women from around the world who defied their circumstances and sought their God.
Format: Nepali | Book
Wonderful is an 18 page booklet about the Christian Faith.
Format: Farsi | Book
Xuat E-dip-to Ky
Xuat E-dip-to Ky, by Warren W. Wiersbe, is a 302 page book on Exodus addressing the vital need to balance freedom with responsibility.
Format: Vietnamese | Book
You Can Trust the Communist?
You Can Trust the Communist?, by Fred Schwarz, is a 211 page book telling the story of Christians and their relationships with their governments around the world.
Format: Italian | Book
Young Martyrs of Today
Young Martyrs of Today, is a 48 page book that tells the story of young Christian Martyrs around the world.
Format: French | Book