Preparing for the Underground Church


Contrary to what one might think, this is not a kind of mini-manual on the organization of some clandestine society called the Underground Church. lt is simply a forward look at the Church by one whose pastoral life, prison experiences and extensive preaching ministries have done so much to alert the world to the dangers of atheistic communism. Richard Wurmbrand's writings need no introduction. They are forthright and penetrating, seldom leaving the reader indifferent to the message they proclaim. Little attempt has been made to edit this manuscript. Some of the expressions used are characteristic of the man who thinks as a Hebrew, reads as a linguist, prays like an apostle and writes like a prophet. The message is crystal clear. lf what most world leaders say is true, that sooner or later the church must face two alternatives - socio-political compromise with Marxism or incur the wrath of controlled political-religious hierarchy by refusing such, then Wurmbrand is right. WE MUST PREPARE NOW. Since these alternatives have already been posed in many parts of the world, there is no reason to believe that Western Europe, America, Australia and the Asian regions will escape their realities in our generation. Let us then, as Christians, prepare ourselves now and be sure that our children have a clear example before them when their turn comes.

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