Albanian Books

Al-Kitab The Book
Al-Kitab The Book, is a 90 page Albanian book sharing Biblical insights into the Christian faith.
Format: Albanian | Book
Bibla Dhiata E Re
Bibla Dhiata E Re, is 301 page Albanian edition of the New Testament
Format: Albanian | Book
He Lived Among Us
He Lived Among Us, by Pierre Thivollier, is a 128 page illustrated book that presents various New Testament Bible stories in comic book format.
Format: Albanian | Book - Graphic Novel
Hearts of Fire
Hearts Of Fire, is a 260 page book of stories of courageous women from around the world who defied their circumstances and sought their God.
Format: Albanian | Book
The Answer to Moscow's Bible
The Answer to Moscow's Bible, by Richard Wurmbrand, is a 193 page book conceived while in solitary confinement, presenting a case for belief in God.
Format: Albanian | Book
The Triumphant Church
The Triumphant Church, from the writings of Richard Wurmbrand, John Piper, and Milton Martin, is a 106 page book that is an excellent tool for understanding the Persecuted Church around the world.
Format: Albanian | Book
Tortured For Christ
Tortured For Christ, by Richard Wurmbrand, is a 153 page book that tells the story of a pastor that suffered imprisonment for his faith.
Format: Albanian | Book