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The Witnesses Trilogy
Discover the power and love of Jesus Christ and see why His followers risked all to carry His message to the ends of the earth.
Format: Video - 2 Feature Length Films

Ukrainian Videos

The Witnesses Trilogy: The Messengers
Having risen from the dead, Jesus Christ has appeared to His disciples and instructed them saying, "Remain in Jerusalem until you are filled with power from Heaven!" Waiting in prayer as Jesus has commanded them, the...
Format: Ukrainian | Series: The Witnesses Trilogy - Part 2
The Witnesses Trilogy: To Every Nation
To Every Nation is the third and final installment of The Witnesses Trilogy. In God With Us, we witnessed the coming of Christ. In The Messengers, we witnessed the birth and empowering of the early church. Now we...
Format: Ukrainian | Series: The Witnesses Trilogy - Part 3